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COVID-19 Effect on Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 outbreak on every level from retailers to supply chains to vendors. We have seen a number of retailers close, production has ceased and demand has plummeted.

With large corporations trying to save their profits, some workers have been exploited for this reason.

High-street stores have been massively affected by store closures. However online fast fashion brands have not felt the sting, in fact, things are quite the opposite.

In a time of fear and uncertainty, many brands in the fashion industry and elsewhere have shown support and offered help to those worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This unique set of circumstances can hopefully bring about a positive change in the fashion industry that has been needed for years.

Vogue editor, Dame Anna Wintour, recently explained: “I think it’s an opportunity for all of us to look at our industry and to look at our lives, and to rethink our values, and to really think about the waste, and the amount of money, and consumption, and excess that we have all indulged in and how we really need to rethink what this industry stands for.”

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